Go With the Flow!

I swear I’m paddling as fast as I can while I figure out a new story. The thoughts whiz by. What will I write? If I can write…? Will I write…? What to write? What to write? Argh!

While I’m doing my best to figure things out, time marches on. The clock is ticking. Thoughts careen through my head. Can I do this? Why is this time so hard? Was every project this hard to start?

I’ve stared at the glaring blank screen before. I can do this! Can’t I? What have I done before to break free? Stay busy. Keep moving forward. Okay. Right. Got it. I know there is all manner of housekeeping chores to keep me busy, but yet, I sort and shuffle information, getting nowhere.

Then I realize I am paddling up stream…

Ah, perhaps, I should let go of the paddles and let the underlying current take me where I need to go. Might as well. Right now, I’m not getting anywhere fast. Why not enjoy the view and experience instead of fighting it?

Decision made. I’m going to let go and let life drift into my world of words.

Sigh. Already, the current catches hold. It’s going to be alright. The dam breaks.  And the words rush in. So good. So good…to allow the flow of words.

Here I am, God. Trusting, the best that I can, that all is well and the words will once again flow.

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