BarkBox Day! Woof!



BarkBox has done it again and everyone at our house is tail-wagging happy. We are waving our Bark University pennant high!

Bark University


It’s official! Our 7-month-old, Lucky Pup, Mr. Levi, is off to college! Over the weekend, we received the letter from Bella Ada Tenderloin, Dean of Admissions. So it must be true. Right? IMG_5347

The whole family will agree that our Mr. Levi is quite the intelligent pup. IMG_5344 (Edited)



Judging by his advanced skills, he will be a stellar addition to Bark University. He is already participating in Advanced Archaeology and is deep into research to discover what happens to the humans when they leave.


We are certain the extra-furricular campus activities are right up Mr. Levi’s alley.


Unfortunately, Rad Chad had a little too much attention over the weekend and is already looking a little RUFF.



If only he would use the map to find his way around campus. But that’s provided he doesn’t get too homesick for his family. Looks like he’ll have to hang out with us for a while longer and dream about one-day being the big dog on campus.  #BarkUniversity #BarkBoxDay

Thanks again, BarkBox!


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