Here’s what readers are saying about the Knights of the Swan series

Are you tired of reading the same old novels about detectives catching bad guys or powerful women running fashion houses? If so, maybe it’s time to put those books down and turn the page so to speak.

How about falling in love with a historical romance? My Knights of the Swan Series now includes three installments:

And a fourth will hit digital retailers in July of 2018:

If you’re wondering what to expect, here’s a handful of reviews from some of my readers:

It’s a refreshing change to find a Historical romance that ISN’T a Regency. This one is set in 1415, during the early years of the reign of King Henry V of England. It even features a historically verifiable fact, Henry’s departure for France in the summer of 1415.”

“Frankly, that’s quite impressive; historical accuracy in romances set in the Middle Ages isn’t exactly a given (don’t talk to me about potatoes). Knight Secrets, however, is an exception; meticulously researched and beautifully written, the historical knowledge of the author is very much on display here.”

“There are a few questions left unanswered in the book, but I suspect that’s deliberate, with a few loose ends to be tied off in other books in the series. They don’t detract at all from the story, which is an excellent, period-accurate romance…”

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I’ll be looking out for more of C.C. Wiley’s work in future. 5 stars.

“Fun, arresting and action-packed, Wiley’s first Knights of the Swan book will put readers in the center of action. The love scenes are hot and tender, the characters are well defined and the protagonists’ rocky road to romance is entertaining.”

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