Kick back, relax and enjoy Knight Furies: Knights of the Swan #4

C.C.Wiley Knight Furies coverWhether you’re sitting poolside or headed off to the beach, one of the greatest things about summer is setting time aside to read a great book.

And if you’re tired of the same old summer-reads like spy novels or how the guy got the girl, you might want to try something completely different.

Like what?

Any of my historical novels may do the trick. Each of my books is filled with love, passion, mystery, history, and of course, romance.

For instance, you could order my latest KNIGHT FURIES: KNIGHTS OF THE SWAN #4 and be swept away to Fletchers Landing. Here’s an excerpt to get you in the mood:

For a Knight of the Swan, any mission might lead to fortune—but the chance for love comes once in a lifetime . . .

Margaret Grace is the lady of Fletchers Landing, earning what she can as a beekeeper and mead maker, and playing a nerve-wracking game with the mercenaries who demand payment to ensure her village’s safety. When an unknown man appears on horseback one day, Meg knows she can’t trust him—especially when the dashing knight claims to be looking for fabled lost riches. But her desires are harder to control . . .

Tormented by the memories of his imprisonment at the hands of a vicious mercenary, Sir Nathan Staves is glad to be abroad on a quest for His Majesty. His task promises the chance to recover a legendary lost bounty, but also throws him into the path of the beguiling Meg. Their breathtaking passion awakens just as a familiar danger does, forcing Nathan to decide which is the greater prize—an elusive treasure, or the love of a woman he will die to protect.


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