Knight Dreams

James and Terrwyn

Would you give up your vengeance to save someone you love? 
The skilled archer, Terrwyn ap Hew, lost her young brother to the English years ago. Now, her night visions reveal that he is alive and she intends to bring him home. But the English soldiers have returned to her Welsh village in search of the famed archer to take on their campaign against France. If Terrwyn is to reach her brother in time, she’ll have to outwit the soldiers and infiltrate their army. This time, no one is going to stand in her way not even King Henry V’s spy, Sir James Frost.

The charming Sir James Frost captures the likeness of his prey with charcoal and parchment. This time, a plot to kill the king is uncovered, and it leads to Terrwyn’s family. When he discovers the maiden hiding amongst the archers, his attention is divided between protecting his king and the woman who pierced his heart with her passion.

Will their budding love overcome the danger that threatens to steal all they dare to dream possible?

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“Ms. Wiley has perfectly captured the feel of the era she’s chosen, her story is rich and detailed.”
~ The Good, Bad, and Unread

“C. C. Wiley enchants with admirable imagery and a compelling writing style… This is a wonderful 15th century romance with a touch of history and imagery that thrills the senses.”
~ The Long and Short Reviews

Rating: 5 Nymphs “This is my first book from C.C. Wiley, but if Knight Dreams is any indication, it won’t be my last.”
~ Literary Nymphs Reviews Only

“This is a must read for those who love historical romances.”
~ The Pen and Muse

“The plot keeps moving along with action and intrigue, and her writing makes you feel as if you are right there.”
~ Two Lips Reviews