My journey as an author

C.C. Wiley Knight Secrets - FINALHave you always dreamed of being an author? Do you love telling stories to friends and family members? Is writing your creative passion or way to escape? If so, I encourage you to consider pursuing a career as an author. It might seem daunting, but achieving your dreams is absolutely possible.

Take me for instance, I grew up on a farm in the Midwest and quickly learned to escape the never-ending chores by storytelling. I’d slip off to the barn or the fields and settle into a book that would take me away. Before long, I started creating my own stories to keep myself entertained.

Eventually, career responsibilities prevailed and I put away my storytelling, but never my love for reading. That all changed one year, after a fabulous trip to England. I came home and my fascination with historical romance blossomed from a reader into a storyteller. Once the idea struck, I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I had to write.

So, I began the arduous task of learning all I could about writing a story. And things never stopped. In fact, to this day, those lessons continue.

I believe there are wonderful courageous characters waiting for someone to tell their story. When I write, my goal is to capture a moment in time, where the threads of history, adventure, hope, passion, and love, sweep the reader away. Each time I begin a new novel I’m excited to discover my character’s stories.knight-treasures C.C. Wiley

I now reside in Utah where my dreams are supported by my very own hunky knight in shining armor and our four dogs. This journey would be so much harder and lonelier without their love.

I invite you to share in my dreams by picking up a copy of one of my Knights of the Swan books. I believe you will get swept away to magical lands where princesses live in castles and really do swoon over handsome knights. After all, my books are: “Where Medieval history and passion and unite”