The Knight Dreams re-release is now in stores!

Knight DreamsThe holiday season might be over, but I still have one extra special gift for all of my dedicated readers; I can’t keep the secret any longer!

On January 22, I released a revised second edition of my book Knight Dreams. Although this story is not part of my Knights of the Swan series, it does have similar themes and features romance, historical fiction, and intrigue.

The book is available both on Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK  and Apple iBooks.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what you can expect:

Would you give up your vengeance to save someone you love? 

The skilled archer, Terrwyn ap Hew, lost her young brother to the English years ago. Now, her night visions reveal that he is alive and she intends to bring him home. But the English soldiers have returned to her Welsh village in search of the famed archer to take on their campaign against France. If Terrwyn is to reach her brother in time, she’ll have to outwit the soldiers and infiltrate their army. This time, no one is going to stand in her way not even King Henry V’s spy, Sir James Frost.

The charming Sir James Frost captures the likeness of his prey with charcoal and parchment. This time, a plot to kill the king is uncovered, and it leads to Terrwyn’s family. When he discovers the maiden hiding amongst the archers, his attention is divided between protecting his king and the woman who pierced his heart with her passion.

To order your copy of Knight Dreams just click on Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK  and Apple iBooks.I can’t wait for you to read it!